The land of anime

If you know anything about Anime; then you will know that anime in Japan is something quite incredibly. There are counts of people that follow this style of drawing and some incredibly interesting stories have been built around these concepts. Stories such as Zipang, which has 26 episodes in total, or Keroro Gunsou the platoon leader of an alien frog army.

Sites like or jascii for short actually creates a database on the latest releases of anime in Japan. Here at they will actually list all the newer seasons that haven’t been released to the western world. The jascii archive does not however do an in depth study on the elements of anime as it is impossible to make an accurate review on every single episode of anime available on TV. Also the within the webpage they have a list of new anime here at the following link:

There are many facets to anime and manga and with the popularity of this art form growing tremendously throughout the world, sites such as the above stated are spawning by a dime a dozen. Either way with the complex stories involved within this creative manner of expression; anime expects to become more and more known even to the western world. Japan has created full featured films based on anime and has been doing so for many years.

The true origin of animation

Although many people believe that cartooning came from the western world, this is a very erroneous concept as Japan and other eastern countries have been involved in this art for many generations. Throughout the ages the art of anime have become more refined with content within the story relating closer to life itself. A lot of the more current anime will refer to more traditional anime within the content, and at times might leave a new follower in the dark. Either way the history of anime is very complete and can be a lot of fun to begin to understand.