The story of a Gaul

This story is very well known by the entire world, and deals with a lot of history. The main character Asterix and his friend Obelix represent the last Gaul town to stand against the Roman Invaders. Their local druid named Gettafix created a special potion that would grant super human strength to the town’s people, as they were the last free town in the area. This French-Belgian comic is probably the most renowned and famous comics out there, having been translated into over 100 languages and have sold over 325 million copies of their 24 set comic strip. This comic did not just surpass most cartoons or comics of this day and age, but has stood the test of time and will be considered as a relic in the world of comics. The humor behind this comic is typically French in nature, with a lot of stereotyping on other nationalities within the European continent.

From big Gaul to shrewd Gaul

Originally the character of Asterix was suppose to be a typical big warrior like Gaul as the original people were, yet the creator thought that by creating a more frail and shrewd looking Gaul it would create a greater impact. To recompense the strength the creator invented Obelix, his rather fat and dumb witted sidekick who fell into the druid’s cauldron when he was a little boy and thus obtained super human strength always. In the end these comics impacted generations upon generations and created record sales throughout the production period of this comic. The humor is something that isn’t found much in the comics of this day and age and also it addressed many political views of its time. Also spawning from the magazine of Tintin, this well thought out French-Belgian comic will sure be considered as a timepiece in the world of comics.