When it comes to the world of anime there are some contenders for the top and most famous animes out there. Each and every single anime has a complex back-story and can capture people from a young age all the way into their late twenties.

A list of famous anime

Of the top three most voted Anime series; one that has stood the test of time is Bleach. Bleach is about a boy who met a soul reaper and in an epic battle between the soul reaper and an evil sprit named a “hallow”, the boy receives the powers of the soul reaper and must continue to fight off the evil spirits. The second the list of very famous animes is . Many children have pronounced this over 200-episode monster anime. This anime deals with a boy who received the powers of a nine-tailed fox and lives within a town where the people think he is a monster. He continually battles the array of enemies presented to him with some side lessons of the character himself.

The final incredibly famous anime that is currently on top of all the others is Death Note. The complex plot of this can be summarized as an intelligent boy that receives a powerful notebook with mystical powers. Any name that is written in this notebook will eventually lead to the death of the person, and with this power in hands the hero of the story begins a campaign to eradicate all crime from humanity. As you can see what makes the anime famous is the complex back-story to the anime itself.

Anime morality

Generally they all have lessons in character lessons that one can apply to their own lives. Even though there are tons more animes that have reached the top of the anime charts, these three are by far the most popular out there.