The Wild West Hero

Also in align with all the adventures of Tintin and the adventures of Asterix, Lucky Luke is one of the top ranking comics in the European continent. This specific cartoon depicts a cowboy that has the ability to shoot faster than his shadow. Generally this wandering cowboy was always accompanied by his horse, which was said to be the smartest horse in the world, and his dog, the dumbest dog in the universe. He would go all over the west and fight injustice wherever he found, most typically it was represented in the form of the Dalton Brothers. This comic was aimed at the mystic ideas behind the Wild West, and managed to capture the imagination of millions of viewers. The character of Lucky Luke confronts other Wild West heroes and villains such as Billy the kid, Jesse James’ gang and calamity Jane. This comic depicts all the myths that surged from the entire western world about the Wild West and shows just how absurd it was believing in it.

Social critiques

Also the comic acts as a satire comparing the generally depicted all-American Hero and their inability to lose any battle. Also there is a lot of dark humor depicted within this political comic, themes such as the “sneaky” Chinese man or the “Lazy” Mexican was commonly placed within the episodes. This was more directed to the public rather than discriminate against these ethnicities. Lucky Luke was always incredibly respecting to all genders and races within the show, showing that there is no need to discriminate. In the end the show lasted for many episodes and became a classic in the worlds of French-Belgian comics. All of these spark from the same creators and genius minds that created other classics like Tintin and Asterix. These will be remembered for many generations to come and will always be considered as classics.