A brief overview

Many people believe that cartooning was discovered by the western world, but in reality cartooning has been around in Japan since the beginning of the 1900’s. The word Anime actually refers to animated television. Although the Japanese have shortened the word due to the manner that locals pronounce it. And thus the word Anime became the poster child for all Japanese animations. Manga in fact is similar to Anime except that it is printed cartoons instead of animated cartoons.

There are counts of series that have been created and was loved by the American population greatly. Shows like and Speed Racer are just a few examples of the impact that anime had on the western world. In some places in Mexico Dragon Ball Z still airs daily for kids to watch. It wasn’t really until 1980 that anime became so popular world wide, and ever since then the world of Manga and Anime has been on a global conquest to reach all youths from every corner of the planet. Lately there are new series that have over 200 episodes which makes it one complete series to follow. Amongst some of the more known anime series out there, titles such as Space Adventure Cobra, Kemonozuma, Cowboy Bebop, Project A-KO and the Book of Bantorra are some of the most popular ones in existence.

The anime tribe

There are a massive amount of children that follow these series almost like it is a religion, and with complex characters and interesting plots, the anime and manga movement will surely grow in size. Since the dawn of this art there has been many innovations and even though computers have taken a big chunk in the anime and manga production, there still remains a few series out there that are hand drawn. Even though this is a very brief history on the subject, it will provide some base to continue exploring the world of Anime and Manga.